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Cycling Jerseys

I like to ride bicycles a lot. Especially road bikes. One of the things that I’ve done over the years is get my own custom jerseys made. This ends up being a case of thinking up something fun, and then asking friends if they’re interested in them too; because the more you buy, the lower the cost.

While my cycling posts are usually going to be a bit more about cycling itself and less about this kind of chatter, these are pretty cool, and the company I use is top notch. Not as many folks in the US seem to know about the German company Owayo. I don’t know why, because they are awesome and the quality is much better, price is lower, and no minimum problem compared to every mainstream US maker I’ve found.

Here’s the start of one I’m working on right now to celebrate one of our favorite local businesses:

I figured it would be fun to showcase some of the others here too. Here’s the first one I made for our “team” (parenthesis is definitely needed), created after Shannon’s first 100km group ride:

Along the same line, given my thing for radio, I got tired of seeing Motorola get all of the cycling glory and did a modern take on what I thought it might look like if E.F. Johnson were still in business. This one was mainly for my brother and I, but we had a few other takers too.

We do like local businesses and celebrated our favorite local coffee shop a few years ago. This one sold like crazy! We put a sign-up sheet in the shop and filled it in a couple of days. This started the trend of usually having sleeveless women’s, short sleeve men’s, and a pull-over kid’s version too:

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